entertainted, 2015
    01 Appreciate the moment
    02 You better trust
    03 Look to the future
    04 Gold
    05 Where the wild pussies go
    06 L'Amour est enfant de boheme
    07 My body is a weapon

    Der Plan, 2013
    listen here
    four tracks based on the novel The Atrocity Exhibition by J.G.Ballard
    1.Die unstillbare Sehnsucht nach einer besseren Welt
    2.Die Vermessung des virtuellen Raums

    The Pink Acid Split, 2013
    download here
    A split tape with Company Fuck

    Great True Crime Stories, 2012
    listen here
    7 women murderers, 7 songs, POP-NOISE
    voice and music: FAKE mistress
    mix and master: Dragan Noveski

    arie antique, 2008
    listen here
    the first solo-cd by fake mistress : the book KASSANDRA by Christa Wolf gave the first impulse... and then ancient greek heroines...not as passive characters, but quite active: taking revenge, killing, enjoying political power and being very cruel sometimes...

    music and voice:fake mistress
    mix and master: dr.a.nowhiskey with courtesy of A.F.A. Recordings

    F.A.R.-fast and rott: terrorotic
    vinyl. 300 numbered copies, hand-printed cover, 2009

    listen here
    prolog::my body is a weapon::nein!::ameisenarmee::marlbrough::suicide bomber::sensational surviving::love song::epilog.

    "What an explosive relationship....!!" - the collaboration of and fake mistress: beats which are not only beats, but noise and melody at the same time, a voice - fragile and rough. After many years of live performance the two artists present a conceptual album named "terrorotic". The music is intense and angry with its frail passages, difficult to list into a specific genre, an exceptional mixture of industrial, noise, punk, experimental beats and chanson.
    "Boom!! Its only in your head....."

    Mini-Midi Festval in Zhoujiajao, China 2010

    improvised set by Laurent Lochoi, Lon and fake mistress
    download here

    REMIX-arie antique remixed by:, frgmnt, LifeLoop, Mangrove Kipling, ohmnoise, Preslav Literary School, Störfan Sender, SZMK, Vinyl -Terror and Horror

    Preslav Literary School & Fake Mistress - Radio Archiv Radioarchiv is the live recording of a 'blind date' between Fake Mistress (DE) and Preslav Literary School (UK). The two artists met in the Funkwelle FM studio, Berlin on the 23rd July 2008 for the first time - one hour later, they had improvised a collaboration which was broadcast live-to-air on the Salon Bruit show.

    Featuring Preslav Literary School's acousmatic, concrete sounds and Fake Mistress's unique voice, the two collaborate to form a restrained yet expressive live soundscape that layers urgent whispers over beautifully distorted dictaphone melodies and vocal symphonies over moving seas of static.
    download here